65L Troopcarrier water tankTroopcarrier water tank

65 Litre Troop Carrier water tank

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Toyota Troopcarrier 65L Stainless Steel water tank. Our tank mounts behind your sub fuel tank.

Quick tank Facts:

-65L Stainless steel tank, Electropolished for maximum corrosion resistance & food grade properties

-Mounts are fixed to the tank (no straps)

-Tank mounts to existing locations on the chassis

-Easy and fast Installation with basic hand tools and mechanical knowledge.

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Story on the tank below
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Back to where it all began. Tested!

Kyle's been driving around Australia with versions of this tank since 2021.

Our tanks have travelled from Perth WA, across the Nullarbor, through SA, NSW, QLD they have been up the mighty Telegraph track all the way to the tip of the FNQ.
Across remote desert tracks along the cape and up into the NT and remote Arnhem land.
An almost the entirety of the beautiful WA coastline.

Our tanks have also travelled the Gun Barrell hwy into the red centre, Uluru and to many other spectacular places.

We don't like to take the easy tracks! You could say its been rigorously tested!

We broke some things

Toyota troopcarrier water tankTroopy water tank
The First test tank (Poly tank)
Yeah we broke our first test tank! Twice in fact.

The first time we broke the tank was on the telegraph track. Unfortunately due to a eager driver and a dirty water crossing.

We sent the Troopy off a larger than expected rock ledge. Bottoming out the rear end...this unfortunately broke some plumbing fittings and we lost all of our water!

Fortunately we were only 4 days away from staying in Weipa where we could source the fittings required to fix the tank.
Our second tank breakage, was in Arnhem land.

All who have made the drive out to Nhulunbuy will understand how bad the 650kms of corrugations is. Although saying that, it is a better road then Savannah way into the NT that road was a real shocker. In one section we bottomed out in bull dust and had to engage 4wd to get out absolutely crazy.

On the track out to Nhulunbuy we cracked the corner of the tank, we found that over the course of our trip around Australia, that the constant impacts from rocks coming off the rear tyre's was taking its toll on the Poly tank, with scratches becoming deeper and deeper until eventually leading to a hole with a steady stream of water flowing out! Not the best when your planning on camping for another week before heading into town.
Fixing troopcarrier water tank
Fitting repairs Cape York.

65L Stainless tank

65L Troopcarrier water tank
65L Stainless tank
Our 65L Stainless tank!

After testing our tanks out in the Aussie outback. We knew that the tank had to have the largest possible capacity. To keep you out in the bush for longer!

We found that the most durable off-road tank would have to be made from high quality stainless steel. A tank that would last the abuse of corrugated roads, salt water, dust and capable of serious off-road obstacles a tank that could also take a hit from the unlikely mistake of sending it a little too hard (we've all done it).

We bring to you our custom designed 65L Troopcarrier water tank.

We are often heading out with our products to continuously bush proof our gear to give you confidence in our products when you head on into remote Australia.  

For up to date content on all of our gear we regularly update our social media, you can find a link at the bottom of this page to our instagram.

Look forward to hearing from you legends.

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